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Domestic Violence Assault

Charged With Domestic Violence Assault?

A domestic violence assault conviction has serious consequences affecting your future, your rights and your reputation. Even though the charge may not be a felony, the consequences carry felony like repercussions. Specifically, people convicted of domestic violence assault potentially cannot possess firearms. Domestic violence assault charges need to be fought aggressively.

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Domestic Violence Assault Charges

Domestic violence assault does not have to be between husband and wife. It can include an offense by one household member against another household member, or against a former partner. Acts constituting domestic violence include physical violence, interfering with a call to the police, stalking, harassment and even threats under some circumstances.

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Recanting Allegations of Domestic Violence Assault

It does not matter if your spouse or the alleged victim changes their story and decides they do not want the government to pursue the charges. The prosecutor has complete discretion and can pursue the case even without the victim’s cooperation. Therefore, It is important to obtain effective representation in defending these domestic violence assault charges.


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