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Felony Assault

Charged With Felony Assault?

Bar fights, disputes between neighbors, domestic disputes and other disagreements can accelerate fast and cause assault charges to be filed against you. If the fight involved the use of a weapon — which can be anything that is capable of causing someone injury — and/or caused significant harm, that assault charge may rise to the level of a felony. A felony assault charge means you are facing heavy fines and jail time. It also means, if convicted, you will become a felon, which has a negative effect on your ability to keep and secure employment. You also lose rights, including your right to vote and your right to carry firearms.

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Self Defense

There are situations where the use of force is acceptable to defend yourself and others. This is a complicated defense, and to assert it correctly, you need to have experienced legal representation at your side. T. Burke Wonnell has more than 18 years of experience in Alaska criminal law. He understands and knows how to assert affirmative defenses to protect your freedom, rights and reputation in an assault case.


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