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Fish & Game Violations

Charged With a Fish & Game Violation?

Most Alaskans fish and hunt. However, these activities frequently involve a complicated web of rules and regulations that need to be followed. When those rules are broken, even accidentally, the state can charge you with a crime. Consequences to fish and game violations can affect your ability to hunt and fish, and may have other criminal consequences such as fines or even jail time. These violations need to be defended aggressively.

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Attorney T. Burke Wonnell has handled all types of fish and game violations, including the following:

  • Poaching game violations
  • Bag limit violations
  • Hunting out of season
  • Improper licensure or guiding without a license
  • Flying and hunting on the same day
  • Waste of game animals

If you have been cited with a fish and game violation, you need an attorney who will work hard for you and provide you with an honest assessment of your case. You also need someone who knows the law and will fight aggressively to protect your rights. T. Burke Wonnell has more than 18 years of experience practicing law in Alaska. He understands the importance of maintaining your ability to hunt and fish. You can protect yourself with Mr. Wonnell’s legal experience in defending fish and game cases.


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